Get instant Alerts on your mobile or email.


CitiAlert is a complimentary service to help you keep track of your Rupee Checking Account for your convenience and peace of mind. You can get mobile or email alerts on your account and stay informed of transactions in your account 24x7 even when you are on the move.

There are three categories of alerts - Mandatory, Essential and Optional.

Mandatory alerts are alerts that are required to be sent as per local regulations to keep you updated on the transactions on your account and to help prevent fraudulent use. Alerts on your account opening, demographic changes to your account are considered as mandatory alerts.

Essential alerts are alerts that we send to keep you informed of your account activity and to help prevent unauthorized access or use of your account. Both Mandatory and Essential alerts are provided automatically when you open a Rupee Checking Account. Online services including adding / removal of payees, deposit account related activities are essential alerts.

Optional alerts are additional alerts that you can choose for your convenience or to monitor your account. Debits / credits from / into the account are optional alerts.

Registering for alerts

To register for optional alerts, please login to your account on Citibank Online. You can then choose various alerts which you would like to register for. You can also decide the channel type: mobile or email, and the frequency: Daily / Weekly / Fortnightly.

Alerts examples


  • When an electronic funds transfer is credited to the account
  • When a draft which has been requested is dispatched by the bank to the recipient
  • When a PIN has been dispatched for your account
  • When a mailing address or email address has been changed on your account
  • When a PAN Card is updated


  • When your account opening welcome kit is dispatched
  • When the account holder's name is updated
  • When there is a change in the signature on the account
  • When your deposit is close to the maturity date
  • When your accounts are linked


  • When a check has been deposited in the account
  • When a check is debited from your account
  • When a check issued has been dishonored

Unsubscribe from alerts

You can unsubscribe from optional alerts

  • Online: Login to your account on Citibank Online
  • CitiPhone: Call CitiPhone and ask a CitiPhone officer to unsubscribe you from your choice of alerts on mobile or email. For a list of CitiPhone numbers, click here
  • Branch: Visiting a Citibank branch or NRI service center

Please note:

  • You will receive Mandatory and Essential alerts automatically when you open your Account and will continue as long as we have your updated email address and mobile phone number. To receive Optional alerts, please login to your account and register for these alerts.
  • It is important that you keep your email address and mobile phone number updated with us at all times to continue to receive these alerts
  • Data and Message rates may apply for text messages based on your plan with your mobile provider in your country of residence.